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Transparency and Accessibility

I believe in an open, honest, transparent, and accessible government.  And, if we want this nationally, it starts locally in Brookhaven.  Residents cannot get through on the Town's phone number, have difficulty getting permits, and are put second to the needs of the campaign donors.  When elected, I will put Brookhaven residents first and will work to make our way of life a great one.  This looks like:  Town Halls held when people can attend them (evenings and weekends); public services that are free and readily accessible (i.e., no expediter required); zoning and planning boards that are populated by residents, not those in the wheelhouse (the fact that these positions are available should be publicized, instead of kept quiet); a Town website that is navigable with easy access to Town Board meeting videos and minutes.  Any action that keeps the government open and accessible to the general public is what I will push for.

Sarah Deonarine for Council
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