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Never far from our minds is the national opioid crisis.  Big money needs to be blocked from going into Doctors’ offices so that they are not prescribing addictive drugs.  Other methods of pain management must be promoted and used for patients in need.  The DARE program needs to be removed from schools and different initiatives envisioned and implemented.  Better support systems need to be in place for those who are already addicted. Luckily, our government and law enforcement are already taking serious steps to combat this epidemic and we can continue to build upon this.

These lead to other surface issues, key among which is crime.  As covered previously in the Gerrymandering section, Coram is far under-represented by both county and town governments.  This seems to be deliberate as it is convenient to use Coram as a "Metaphorical Dump."  A video done by a Coram resident, Kareem Nugdalla, illustrates this quite poignantly.  This video can be found here.  We encourage you to watch it so you can see the perspective of a fellow Coram resident and the full extent of the neglect that this hamlet sees.

Sarah Deonarine for Council
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