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Economic Development

In previous sections I have called out the need to update the permitting process and ethics reforms to allow for more equitable Planning and Zoning Boards.  I have talked to several small business owners hitting obstacle after obstacle with the Town.  Meanwhile, we have many vacant store fronts.  The time is now to assist these business owners by making the Town of Brookhaven an entity a person can work with.

The Brookhaven Industrial Development Agency (IDA) is tasked with fostering economic development within the Town, but it is unsuccessful.  It operates in secret and offers benefits to companies that do not seem to align with the mission of the IDA.  In my powers as Councilperson, I would call on the State to reform its Industrial Development law and set them on tasks that would keep the jobs created by local innovations within the Town.

In support of commercial development, Brookhaven Town has to supply the infrastructure (wastewater, freshwater, electrical, transportation, etc) for businesses to make a home within the Town.  This is currently not done and will be a target of my administration.

Sarah Deonarine for Council
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